Wedding video with professional technology

We make the most beautiful and the most impressive video footage of your wedding for you and your beloved. Clips to immortalise your wedding day which you can experience again and again on DVD. Our recording uses the latest technology. We use aerial technique, camera crane, steady cam and special rotation technology to achieve our special effects.

To facilitate your choice we offer a range of products in the form of packages which takes into account all your requirements.

Zuzana+Ockert - SLOVAKIA
Vierka+Ján - SLOVAKIA
Janka + Martin, SLOVAKIA
René+Nhi, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Arun+Nisha, Magna Racino, AUSTRIA
Lucca + Anca, Oradea, ROMANIA
郑莹莹+ 金超 , Laxenburg, AUSTRIA
Laure+Cedric,Motreux, SWITZERLAND
Deni+Petra, Wedding Day, Slovakia
Ivan+Dominika, Tomašov
Wedding Day, SPAIN, Marbella
Veronika+Igor, Bela, SLOVAKIA
Radka+Peter, Donovaly, SLOVAKIA